Roger R. Harada
Attorney at Law


475 S. Arlington Ave.
Suite 1A
Reno, Nevada 89501
(775) 787-7200

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My General Practice Philosophy

At the Law Office of Roger R. Harada we are dedicated to providing the highest level of legal services to our clients through a commitment to the following three principles:


1.   Honest and candid communications.  I strive to always be a very direct and truthful person, and you will never get a sugar coated statement or answer from me just to make you feel good or make me look good to you.  You can be assured that as your attorney you will always get the truth of the matter from me, unvarnished.  As far as I am concerned, my clients deserve nothing less than the absolute truth from me about their legal situation at all times.   


2.   A constant and never-ending pursuit of increased professional knowledge and skill.  I deeply believe in living my life in accordance with a Japanese principle known as Kaizen; which, roughly translated means constant and never ending improvement in life.  Everyday, I endeavor at learning not only the depths and nuances of substantive and procedural law, but I also apply myself constantly to developing the softer arts and skills of being an excellent lawyer; skills such as patience, awareness, persuasive communication, humility, compassion, and empathy.


3.   Hard work and determination.   Without exception, the one great lesson I have learned in my twenty plus years of practicing law is that preparation is the most significant and meaningful thing I can do to assist my clients to successfully prevail in their legal matters.  I constantly seek ways to out work, out prepare, out think, and out maneuver opposing counsel/parties at every opportunity. 


My overall goal in every matter for which I am retained is to help my clients resolve their legal problems in the most efficient and expedient manner possible while diligently protecting my clientís best interests at all times.  If you are coming into my office then you have a problem you are seeking help to resolve.  You are not seeking to make that problem worse or bigger.  I pledge that if you hire me your problems will be solved and your goals obtained in the most effective way possible given your unique situation.      



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